Akshay Bungalow - Your own place in Alibaug

Alibag is the place to be @ all seasons.
Guaranteed fun, peace and feeling of being with nature all year round!

Indulge in splashing of the sea water or in a walk along the beach or in a tour of the area in a tum-tum, a bigger rickshaw. And yes... you can make your tour as crazy as you want it to be!

Come rains and this part of Maharashtra is lush green. Though it is not advisable to go into the sea during this time, there are a lot of places which one should not miss going during the rains.
Top of the list is the trek to Kankeshwar. Guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience as you climb up the hill, fresh and green. You got to be there to experience it!
We strongly recommend that you plan a trip during the rains to see the glory of monsoon in all its shades!

The expanse of the beach, the serenity of Alibaug and the proximity of Akshay Bungalow to the beach makes it a great place to stay during summers and winters.
Enjoy the swim and relish the mangoes during the summers. Alibaug is one of the most sought after destinations in Maharashtra during the summer vacations. Hoards of families, couples and friends head towards Alibaug to spend time together and take a break from the routine.
The cooler climate of the winters and the proximity to cities like Mumbai and Pune make Alibaug the place to be during the winters.