Are you looking for a stay in or around Alibaug?
Make the right choice, make a booking with us and stay at Akshay Bungalow.

Why should you stay with us? Well, below are a few reasons why we feel you should be at Akshay Bungalow.

Akshay Bungalow is in the quietest of locations in Alibaug. Away from the hustle-bustle of the town surrounded by trees and the chirping of a variety of birds, ours is the ideal location if you are looking to take a break from your routine life and spend time with your family or friends.
Also, the beach is under a kilometer walk from the bungalow which makes it possible for you to stroll out late evening or night in moonlight under the blanket of the stars in the safest of places!

Alibaug town being centrally located, you can easily visit various places like Kihim or Mandwa on the north side and Nagaon, Revdanda, Kashid or Murud on the southside. Besides, you will also find many options to commute to these places from Alibaug.

Akshay Bungalow is really very well connected to the Alibaug town. With a rickshaw stand at just 5 minute walk from the bungalow, commuting to any place in Alibaug will never be a problem in case you haven't got your own vehicle or you prefer not to walk down.

Being so close to town provides excellent accessibility to shops/main beach/market etc. Within a 5 minute walking distance from the bungalow you will find a couple of small shops. So even if you forget your regular shampoo at home or you need to buy a few packets of your favorite biscuit, it is not going to be a problem!

We are sure that you will love staying with us.
So visit Alibaug... rejuvenate yourself at Akshay Bungalow.